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Welcome to TutsMate, where you get to learn various subjects at your own studying pace and convenience. We provide education across various fields, genres, and specializations. We also provide private tuitions and coaching classes.
From the founder's desk

I'm Niladri Das, founder of Tutsmate Educational Academy. My mission is to redefine education with a blend of online and offline classes, making quality learning accessible to all. Tutsmate aims for academic excellence, character development, and skill enhancement. My goal is to create a dynamic environment where students thrive academically and prepare for future challenges.

Niladri Das
Founder of Tutsmate Academy
For the love of physics coaching tuition classes for school students - from class 6 to class 8

For the Love of Physics!

An interactive tuition series that covers a detailed study of Physics for students from classes 6 to 8.
Front End Web Design
Learn Responsive Web Design (HTML, CSS, JS)
Academic Science
Mastering Physics for primary school students
Web Development
Fundamentals of PHP and MySQL Web Development

What our Students say

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Emma Hart
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Eddie Johnson
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Jonathan Doe
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Mike Edward
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